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NEUMANN Solution-D

Neumann Solution-D system
Neumann Solution-D system
Neumann Solution-D system
Neumann Solution-D system
Neumann Solution-D system rear
Sennheiser MZD 8000 digital converter
Sales price
Superb Digital Microphone System price now reduced £7,000

A highly desirable Neumann digital microphone system, all microphones in excellent condition 

"With the Solution-D digital microphone system, Neumann has succeeded in bringing the dynamic range and signal fidelity of the best analog studio microphones into the digital domain, thus making possible an entirely digital signal chain for audio production."

a six mic system comprising of:

  • 1 x DMI-8 interface
  • 1 x D-01 multi-pattern large diaphragm microphone
  • 1 x TLM 103 D microphone
  • 2 x KM184 D silver microphones
  • 2 x KM184 D nextel grey microphones

included are mic storage cases, all as pictured.

Now also included is a Sennheiser MZD 8000 A to D converter for adding your existing analogue mics io the digital domain.

"The MZD 8000 digital module is optimally matched to the 8000 series microphones. It is simply screwed onto the microphone head in place of the XLR module, turning the analogue audio signal into a digital one. Since the converting takes place right behind the microphone head the clear, warm, and vivid sound of the microphones is completely preserved. With the MZD 8000 cable losses, interferences, and poor sound caused by badly matched A/D converters are history."

Here's a link for full product specification >>> NEUMANN SOLUTION-D

Here's a link for full product specification >>> SENNHEISER MZD 8000

and here's Wolfgang (president of Neumann International sales) at the 2010 NAB show with SoundOnSound to tell you all about them


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