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Cadac J Series at SUPERFLY STUDIOS in Custom Wooden Console

Last year we sold a CADAC J series to Superfly Studios.

They had a custom wooden console made for it and then wrote to us.

This is what they wrote: 

"Hi Don, just wanted to say a huge thank you for introducing me to this console. I absolutely love it!!

it's the sound I've been after this whole time. I'm a big fan of the preamps and eq they sound lush and open. 

What a great find and thank you for your expertise".

Cheers Andy
Superfly Studios

Studer A80's from Led Zeppelin


Some time back, Don bought in 2 x Studer A80 multi-track tape machines from legendary rock band Led Zeppelin.

One belonged to guitarist Jimmie Page and the other to bass player John Paul Jones.

Both were originally 8 track decks when new but they had been up-graded to 16 track at great additional expense.

When Don bought them, 10 years or so later, neither had more than 300 hours on the clock yet a 4 track Portastudio also from Jimmy had been virtually thrashed to death.



DDA Profile with Saturn 24tr @ Prism Studios

Prism Studios Saturn Desk

Sony award winning producer Shaun Lowe gives us some great feedback.

Prism Studios first acquired a DDA Profile 56 channel recording console from us and then returned recently to snap up a Soundcraft Saturn 24 track analogue tape recorder.

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Helios Console / Strawberry Studios in Stockport

Helios console

Here's another iconic component of UK music history..

This custom built Helios console was bought from Strawberry Studios in Stockport by Don Larking for re-sale in the early 1980's. It was commissioned specially for Strawberry and was one of the UK's first ever "wrap around" console designs.

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Helios Number #1

Helios Console

A Brief History of Helios Serial Number 001

The story begins in 1969 at Olympic Studios, 117 Church Road, Barnes in London. At this time Olympic were using custom built recording consoles designed in-house by Dick Swettenham, these consoles were responsible for producing many a hit record and so the decision was taken to make them commercially available under the brand name of "Helios"

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Focusrite Recording Console

Focusrite Recording Console

Focusrite 72 Input Recording Console exported to "Powertone Studios" in Belgium.
This one is a 72 input FOCUSRITE Studio Console, designed by Rupert Neve and 1 of only 9 in use in the world. This console was sold to top Belgian producer and mixer Wouter Van Belle of Powertone NV.

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