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AKG C28 Nuvistor Valve Microphone

AKG C28 pop sheild
AKG C28 kit + cables (1000x508)
AKG C28 ii (1000x870)
AKG C28 Kit ii (1000x667)
AKG C28 with psu (1000x667)
AKG C28 with tubes (1000x511)
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Price reduced to £950

Professional standard condenser microphone with removable capsule and 2 extensions which can be used between the mic body and the capsule.

Condensor valve mic using Nuvistor valve technology.

Comes with connection cables, a VR29 and a VR30 capsule extension tube for concealed stage use and a new Schaal power supply, all as pictured.

Complete package all in excellent condition and well cared for. Price reduced to £ 1,300