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The console features 128 inputs and 56 channels augmented with “API Uptown Flying Fader” automation.

The Profile’s channel EQ comprising of a 4 band parametric (45hz – 20khz) with an additional independent swept high pass filter (45hz – 750hz) is particularly revered by many analogue recording professionals.

 Saturn Studios

The Profile also features the DDA “Splint” configuration concept. This allows Monitoring and Mixing to be performed from the same position on the console, all on the long throw faders, this avoids the need to switch into a secondary mix mode and there’s no more monitoring on rotary pots.

Prism’s “Soundcraft Saturn” is one of the most advanced British 2” Multitrack Recorders ever designed and features a logic controlled remote that not only houses the VU meters and all the auto locate tape functions of the machine but also allows the engineer to align and bias the electronics from the comfort of the control room chair.

And it’s tape transport handing is second to none. The Saturn can spool the tape at several user selectable speeds, smoothly slow automatically at the end of the reel to avoid tape shredding and it can even play the tape backwards for analogue special effects.

The studio itself based in Hanley, Stoke-On-Trent is owned by Sony award winning producer Shaun Lowe and has been successfully recording artists from all music genres for over 20 years. He offers a choice of analogue and digital options to his clients including Protools, Cubase and Logic.

Shaun tells us what he loves best about this blend of Analogue and Digital recording;

"The DDA profile desk is a stunning console, Great open Sound with its internal mic amps that are so quiet it is hard to believe this is all analogue! Coupled with the unique features of the desk like having the same EQ and channel layout on the groups as the main channels which means when you are working old school with tape you can actually start to mix during tracking rather than just monitor flat as you would do with traditional consoles this I find invaluable and a massive timesaving feature and once the API uptown automation is doing it's thing it is a dream to work on."

"The Saturn 24 track 2 inch machine is without doubt the best sounding tape machine I've ever used over and above the industry standard machines, i've had the pleasure of using most of them over the years and the bandwidth and frequency response of the Saturn is unbelievable. The ability to be able to quickly switch in a session between 30 to15 ips at the touch of a button without having to waste time lining up the machine to try out things at different speeds is amazing, once you have lined up the machine you can store four different complete setups, bias, EQ for different tape types and speeds. and depending on what software you have on the machine you can just switch the machine into reverse play and reverse record without the hassle of turning tapes over Etc. The tape handling is as smooth as I have ever seen on any machine. Even if there is a power cut the Saturn will gently come to a standstill protecting the tape!! ..Beautiful"

With a wealth of additional outboard equipment and 10 x recording rooms for a variety of mic acoustics, Prism is the perfect environment for capturing the right performance.

You can visit Shaun’s site for full details and rates etc. and here is our key feature video tour of the excellent Soundcraft Saturn multitrack recorder.