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A classic desk from a classic British recording studio.

This Trident A Range has been refurbished and was sold in the UK last year for £200,000.

Trident only manufactured 13 Trident A Range consoles which are very popular in the US. ‘Genuine’ Trident A Range modules ( not rip off copies ) sell for up to $10,000 a pair. It is interesting to note that the electronics designer for the Trident A Range was Barry Porter who also designed the mic pre-amps and equalizers in the later Cadac Consoles like the A,E,F & J series. I never met Barry but everybody I know who worked with him describes him as a genius. 

The console came out of Chipping Norton Studios and is responsible for recording Gerry Rafferty's hit "Baker Street". 

It was being offered for sale by "Don Larking Audio Sales" in 1980.


The Trident B above came out of Sarm East ( as it was later called ) we sold it to Cliff Cooper owner of Orange amplifiers or his Orange Studios in New Compton St, London.

A few years later I bought it back from Cliff and exported it to Dan Alexander in San Francisco.

2021 update: I have just received this from Dan Alexander -

"Don - I was looking at your website; thought it might interest you to know that the Trident B from Sarm ended up in a well-known Nashville producers studio, who used it extensively."