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M-AUDIO Profire 2626

M-AUDIO Profire 2626
M-AUDIO Profire 2626
M-AUDIO Profire 2626
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Firewire Audio Interface £150

High-Definition 26-in/26-out FireWire Audio Interface with Octane Preamp Technology

All in good condition

no software is included

High-definition 192kHz Sound and Solid Performance

The ProFire 2626 employs high-quality converters to deliver sampling rates up to 192kHz for pristine, high-definition sound quality. The unit also features critically acclaimed JetPLL technology to provide extremely stable synchronization and eliminate jitter that can degrade audio quality. In addition, the ProFire 2626 allows master or slave operation via internal clock, ADAT optical, S/PDIF and word clock. M-Audio’s mature, stable drivers deliver solid performance and ultra-low latency.