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Munro Acoustic Elements

Munro Defuser & Multband Absorbers
Munro Defuser & Multband Absorbers
Munro free standing Acoustic panels
2 BASS - MID - BASS Absorbers
Munro Diffuser. 118cm x 200cm x 17.5cm
Sales price
Set of Diffusers and Absorbers. Full Set Down to £1.950

This acoustic system was manufactured by Munro acoustics for a classical music studio in London and can be used to handle your control room acoustics 

We have sold some panels,  the remaining elements would suit a control room or as medium sized studio providing an excellent listening or recording area. All the elements are in very good condition and can be easily fitted in your control room. 

The Munro Acoustic audio panels comprise of :


For the front wall between the speakers

1 Large Full Bass Absorber  110cm x 200cm x 17.5cm

To the left & right of the engineer

2 Narrow Bass Mid Bass Absorbers   95cm x 200cm x 17.5cm

To the left & right of the engineer nearer to the back wall

2 Narrow Full bass Absorbers  62cm x 200cm x 17.5 cm

For the back wall behind the engineer

1 Large Diffuser  118cm x 200cm x 17.5cm


 If your control room is suffering with loss of definition and lack of stereo imaging this system could cure your problems