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CADAC J Series

CADAC J Series 40 slot frame fully loaded
Sales price
Great sounding Analogue console. Price £8,950 but we can adjust the facilities and price to suit you

The most versatile console available, 
Great Mic Amps & EQ prices from £7,950

Ask for a quote then let us build one for you

The Cadac J Series is the most versatile console on the market, it was designed for theatre use but works very well in a studio environment.

During the past 4 - 5 years we have sold over 40 J Series consoles and they have all been sold to recording studios.

The J Series is Unique in that any module, input or output, can be placed into any slot within the frame - you can even change them while the console is in use (Hot Swapping) 

There is a variety of input modules available, Mono, Programmable Dual Mono & Programmable Stereo. All modules and buses are balanced, even the insert sends & returns are balanced. The Mono input modules are equipped with 12 aux sends and 3 band parametric EQ. The Dual Mono inputs and stereo inputs are similar but with 4 band parametric EQ, having 2 inputs in the Dual Mono mono modules allows these modules to be used like an In Line console with the inputs being switched globally using the CCM

The CCM can provide fader 'snap shot' automation while also switching the inputs and the other soft switches on the modules if desired, you can also take it one step further and have full dynamic motor fader automation by fitting a Mini CCM costing around £1,000.  

The console is equipped with 16 group buses and 12 aux buses but you don't have to use them all if you don't need them, if for instance you only need 10 groups, like this console, just fit 10 Group Modules and use the spare slots for inputs for instance or fit blanks. 

It really is an impressive console but the most important aspects are the quality of the sound and the reliability. As I mentioned above we have sold over 40 J Series over the past few years and not one of them had to have a complete recap, in fact I doubt if we have had to fit 80 new capacitors in total to the 40 consoles, this is due to the high quality components used by Cadac. In 40 years selling analogue consoles I have never come across a better console regardless of price.

The console illustrated is a 46 Slot frame loaded with :

16 Mono Modules with P&G Motorized Faders
8 Programmable Dual Mono Modules with P&G Motor Motorized Faders
8 Programmable Stereo Faders with P&G Motorized Faders
10 Subgroup Modules each fitted with additional Stereo Matrix outputs
10 VCA Master fader controllers
1 Cadac 10 way Aux master module
1 Cadac Osc module inc Aux masters 11&12

1 CCM Automated Switching unit plus a pair of Cadac switch mode power supplies with military spec cable 

And would cost in the region of £ 11.000


As I stated above the J Series is exceptionally versatile and if you prefer a different module combination we can do it for you. Let us know what you need and we will price it for you.

For smaller DAW systems we can also supply J Series modules in a rack mounted chassis with an external power supply

Hear what our Ian has to say about the wonderful CADAC J Series on You Tube