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Master Room MR3
Master Room MR3
Master Room MR3
Master Room MR3
Master Room MR3 Spring Reverb
Master Room MR3 Stereo Output Cable
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By MicMix. 1970s Stereo Spring Reverb £950

Imagine a Great British Spring only well made and not in a drain pipe.

I used to dream of having one of these when I opened my studio in Luton in the 1970's, all I could afford at the time was a Grampian Spring which was mono and greatly inferior to the Master Room. 

There were 3 versions of Mic Mix Master Room reverbs :

MR1 - 1 second decay

MR3 - 3 second decay

MR5 - 5 Second decay 


Master Room spring reverb units provide natural reverb, i.e. Mono in Stereo out, just like the natural sound of a large hall or a church. 

This one has a 3 second decay, there are no adjustments to the decay time however if the output is returned to the desk via the expander section of a dbx or bel noise reduction unit the decay time will be halved - if a longer decay is required the feed to the MR3 can be delayed using a DDL, this will not alter the decay time of course however it it will have a similar effect.

This one comes with a set of interface leads.

Highly recommended