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dbx 161 Pair

Pair of dbx 161's
Sales price
Iconic compressors £999 for the pair

Pair of dbx 161 compressor limiters for the 1970s £1,100

The first compressors I ever bought were a pair of dbx 160's, they are great.

We originally listed these compressors with a faulty VU meter, the meter has since been repaired and is now without fault. The picture was taken before the meter was repaired, the meter is now fine and all the meter bulbs are working.

These dbx compressors are similar to the iconic 160's but the 161's are unbalanced with 1/4" jack sockets on the rear, apart from that there are no differences, I bought a pair of these in 1975, they were excellent on vocals providing efficient compression without pumping. There are just 3 controls, Threshold, Compression Ratio & Output level. The meters can be switched between Input, Output & Gain Reduction

It has always been a mystery to me why dbx stopped making the 160 series and replaced them with the less popular 160A & 160X ranges