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TOFT 24 x 8 (1000x662)
TOFT 24 x 8 with Meterbridge end on (1000x667)
TOFT 24 x 8 with Meterbridge ii (1000x373)
TOFT 24 x 8 with Meterbridge End Cheek (1000x667)
TOFT 24 x 8 & Console (1000x489)
Sales price
SOLD - 24 x channel mixer with additional meter bridge

This excellent 24 x input compact mixing desk comes from the same stable as the now world renowned "Trident" recording consoles. 

"The Toft ATB Console packs the same powerful equalizer that was used on the Trident Series 80® boards."

The ATB meter bridge (usually sold separately) & the power supply are also included in the mixer package.

Features include:-

24 Premium Channel Strip Module dot 8 Mix Busses with outputs
Direct Outs on every channel Inline Monitoring for every input channel strip
Additional 8 Monitor Returns in Group Section Vintage Series 80 EQ for every input channel
6 Aux Sends every input channel strip 8 Fully-Dedicated Stero Aux Returns
Super Accurate 12-Stage LED Meter Optional Meter Bridge
Fully balanced outputs

There is also an opportunity to acquire the bespoke wooden studio console stand shown below that has been designed to house the ATB perfectly and includes two 19" integral equipment racks. The Price for this stand is £ 400

complete details can be found here on the Toft Audio page >