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16 Channel Analogue Console. Serviced by Chris Roberts SOLD

TOFT ATB 16 Recording Console designed by Professor Malcolm Toft. Mr Trident.

This little mixer is in very good condition having been refurbished by Chris Roberts. I have known Malcolm for over 40 years, in the 70's he used to be a recording engineer at Trident Studios in London and mixed the Beatles Hey Jude, he also recorded many of the hit artists of the day including James Taylor among others.

In the 1970's Trident Studios owned a Sound Techniques console which was reaching the end of its life and had to be replaced, there were only 2 alternatives at the time Neve which was considered too expensive and a Helios which was not considered to be good enough so they decided to build their own, this was the start of Trident Audio Developments and the manufacture of the famous Trident A Range, one of the most respected consoles ever built, only 13 were ever made, most of them are in the US. I owned a couple in the 1980's when they were worth around £20,000 each, I sold one to an American producer, the console was shipped to the US then to Japan and then back to the US and last year this actual console was sold to a private studio owner in London for £200,000. Obviously I wish I had kept it.   


The console has 16 inputs with 8 Sub Groups and 8 Monitor returns. To get all the details take a look at the ATB manual on this link >>TOFT ATB<< Please contact me at if you would like more information or more pictures.