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24 Channel VTC 54 Inputs
24 Channel VTC 54 Inputs
24 Channel VTC
LOOK No wear, as new
24 Channel VTC coming in soon
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54 Inputs. As new condition. One owner from new, SOLD

It has now arrived : Private use only, to check the mileage of a car look at the accelerator pedal to see the amount wear, to check the amount of use a console has had look at the paint around the monitor pot.

Check this desk out, it is immaculate.  


24 channel 48 Input valve desk

The VTC is known for its superior sound quality, it is a hybrid console which combines solid state electronics with valve technology resulting in the sound quality we all associate with valve recording equipment. VTCs are used by a wide range of professional musicians and producers too many to list here but there is one story which demonstrates the audio quality of the VTC.

Record producer Kipper owns an 8 channel VTC and when he was  commissioned to co-produce an album with Sting he took his little VTC along. Now Sting owns a large SSL console which is contained in 3 flight cases and travels with him to wherever he wishes to record. On this occasion when Kipper turned up with his VTC Sting's engineer asked why he had brought it with him as in is opinion, Sting owned the best console available at the time.

The result - all of the instruments and vocals on the album were recorded using the VTC and the SSL was used for the mixing.

Other VTC buyers include Coldplay, EMI, Dizzie Rascal, Damon Albarn, Tom Misner, Toploader, Morecheba and many more, over 100 sold.

See the lovely Sarah talk about TL Audio VTC at the Musik Messe Frankfurt