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TL AUDIO M4 Valve Mixer

TL  AUDIO M4. Library Picture
TL  AUDIO M4. Library Picture
TL  AUDIO M4. Rear of 24 channel mixer. Library Picture
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Due in very shortly 16 channel Hybrid Tube mixer - RESERVED

Currently being serviced by TL Audio specialists Sonic Systems. Classic big valve console performance in a compact package.

16 into 2 mixer with channel direct outputs each with its own level control, 3 band EQ and 4 aux busses, switchable inserts.

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The M4 is a compact version of the acclaimed VTC console used by Damon Albarn and Guy Berryman–just to name a couple. Stings producer Kipper has a VTC and loaned an M4 from TL Audio to record Jeff Beck, according to Kipper the M4 sounded the same as the VTC 

2AX7s valves on the input of every channel receiving 200 volts of high voltage–not the starved plate voltage of cheap outboard of today–equates to real tube warmth and tone similar to that of old Universal Audio consoles.  Additional features include direct channel outputs with level control, 100mm K Series faders, four band equalisers with bypass, four auxiliary sends with selectable pre/post fader routing, and channel mute and pfl. All inputs have switchable +4 or -10 dBu levels to match with balanced and unbalanced outboard.

Every mic input has balanced XLR socket with switchable 48V phantom power, phase reversal, a switchable second order HPF of -3dB at 90Hz, and a gain range of +16dB to +60dB with 30dB pad. In the switchable EQ section, EQ points are as follows: HF +/-15dB @ 10KHz, HM +/-15dB @ 500Hz to 18KHz, LM +/-15dB @ 50Hz to 2KHz, LF +/-15dB @ 100Hz. Every channel features LEDs for muting and "drive" indication, when harmonic distortion is reached at the 12AX7 stage. There are L and R VUs on the stereo buss, along with clip indicators.

All in all a very comprehensive, great sounding little console at a good price.