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TASCAM M700 Alternative configuration
TASCAM M700 Alternative configuration
TASCAM M700 56 channel analogue console
TASCAM M700 16 channel SIDECAR Optional
TASCAM M700 Modules
TASCAM M700 Optional Bantam patchbay with D Sub connectors
TASCAM M700 Master Modules
TASCAM M700 56 channel Aux Sends
TASCAM M700 Master Faders
TASCAM M700 Monitor Faders
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SOLD TO A CUSTOMER IN SWITZERLAND. The Tascam that thinks it is an SSL

TASCAM M700 in 3 sections, 40 channel main desk, 16 channel sidecar & Bantam D Sub patchbay -

Discounts in red are available if purchased in July or August




 A novel feature of the M700 is the interfacing.
All connections on the desk and on the patchbay via Tascam D Subs 
exceptionally easy to integrate Protools and other D Sub units into the system.


Manufactured in the late 80's the 700 was never marketed in the UK, Tascam took the view that there were so many top end consoles being manufactured in the UK at the time they would not be able to find a market for their Flagship console in Great Britain.

The 700 has many facilities which are similar to those found on an SSL 4000 Series console, such as Global Mode Switching and the ability to switch the console on/off 8 modules at a time, 4 band fully parametric EQ with Variable frequency High & Low sections that can be switched between Peak/Trough & Shelving  2 mid sections with variable Frequencies and Q, plus variable High Pass Filter.

The main part of the console has 40 In Line modules, total 80 inputs, 32 Sub Groups & 12 aux buses including a stereo pair. Add the optional sidecar and it becomes a 56 channel / 112 input console. The channel inserts can be switched in/out as well as being switched Pre or Post fader. As well as having 32 buses there are channel direct outputs. Mixing to stereo or Quad for surround. The console is very well equipped and includes features not usually found on mid priced consoles including Multi frequency Oscillator plus Pink Noise, D Sub bantam patchbay, 3 monitoring Modes, superb frame including stands.

Console length is 7 feet 10 inches long (239 cm)  or 9 feet 10" inc. Sidecar. it can be reduced by removing the patchbay and making it remote. The depth is 3 feet 8 inches ( 112 cm )

Finally this is an extremely economic console which only draws an unbelievable 3 Amps. The console is currently installed in our showroom in Bedfordshire and can be demonstrated by appointment. Immediately available.