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SSL C100

SSL C100 in Mobile
SSL C100 in Mobile
SSL C100 in Mobile
SSL Centuri Rack
Sales price

This magnificent digital console is being listed for a client under the Everyday Listings scheme, if you would like more information and would like to talk to the owner please  send an email to

The long wheel base Airstream truck is also available


Console features :

  1. 24 (+8) fader C100
  2. 4 DSP cards giving 96 full channels to mix
  3. 2 x Madi cards
  4. 1 x Analogue card (24 channels io)
  5. 1 x AES card (64 channels AES or 32 pairs io)
  6. Redundant PSU in crate and in surface


 The console is still in the Airstream and can be viewed and tried in the UK