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SSL Buckets, can be used for summing

SSL Bucket of 8 Modules
SSL Bucket of 8 Modules
SSL Module routing
SSL Module EQ
SSL Module Aux sends
SSL Bucket faders
Sales price
7 Buckets of 8 SSL 4000 E series modules. Sold to various customers in the UK & France

We are reducing a 56 channel SSL 4056 G Plus into a 32 channel console.

In their basic state the modules can be used as 8 SSL pre-amps with EQ plus Compressor & Noise Gate to provide 8 input signals for your DAW can also be used for summing.

A competent engineer would be able to convert each bucket of modules into a 16 input channel mixer with direct out and stereo mix outputs plus aux outputs and VU meters.

Each module has 2 inputs, Mic / Line on the main signal path plus Line inputs on the monitor section that can be used if the bucket is converted into a 16 input mixer. Each bucket has 8 group outputs but no master faders. 

The buckets will come with un-terminated input and output cables. They come with 8 mic input cables, 8 line input cables, 8 group output cables plus 8 insert send ad return cables.  They come without meters or power supply.

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