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SOUNDTRACS SOLO Midi Mixer, side view
SOUNDTRACS SOLO Midi Effects Returns
SOUNDTRACS SOLO Midi Mixer, Master Section
SOUNDTRACS SOLO Midi Control Panel
SOUNDTRACS SOLO Midi Mixer Meter Bridge
SOUNDTRACS SOLO Midi Mixer, Rear Panel
SOUNDTRACS SOLO Midi Mixer Modules
Sales price
24 channel In-Line mixer with Midi Muting £ 850 No vat to pay

Excellent condition, this little mixer has been used in a private studio by a professional musician since new, only used to make 1 album. It is hardly run in.

24 channel In Line mixer with 48 line inputs plus 4 stereo FX returns, each channel has 2 signal paths, mic or line plus monitor input for the DAW or other recorder returns, the secondary input can also be used to introduce other audio signals into the mix if all the mic/line inputs are being used. All inputs ( individually or in groups ) can be muted using Note on Note off information provided by a DAW or a midi sequencer. There are 100 Midi Groups allowing the programming of banks of channels to be muted or tuned on automatically 

Each channel is equipped with 4 band EQ with fixed Hi & Lo Shelving and 2 swept mids, the EQ can be split between the 2 signal paths with the shelving on one signal path and the Mids on the other, there are also 6 aux sends which can be shared between both signal paths.

There are channel direct outputs plus 8 group outputs plus stereo mix out and control room and studio monitor sends plus outputs to 2 master stereo recorders.

All in all this is a well equipped mixer that has facilities you would expect to find on a much more expensive studio mixer.

Comes with brochure and Manual.



Click Here for the manual, note the manual also includes Solo Logic automated console information which does not apply to the SOLO Midi.