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Soundtracs Jade S 32 64 input console expandable
Soundtracs Jade S 32 64 input console expandable
Soundtracs Jade S 32 Master Section
Soundtracs Jade S 48 Parametric EQ
Soundtracs Jade S 48 Dynamics Master section
Soundtracs Jade S Master Section
Soundtracs Jade S Modules
Soundtracs Jade S Master Section
Soundtracs Jade S Patchbay & VCA Master Faders
Soundtracs Jade S Installation cables & manual
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32 automated channels in 40 Frame - 64 automated inputs SOLD


32 automated channels - 64  inputs. ( 32 Motorized faders - 32 VCA automated faders )

Click here to download a copy of the JADE-S Brochure

The JADE S the top of the Soundtracs range and was very successful with over 40 Jade In Line consoles sold in the UK alone.

This console is a 32 channel console in a 40 Module frame with a Patchbay. There are 32 In Line modules providing 64 line inputs plus 8 blanks. Each module has 2 signal paths and are equipped with 6 bands of EQ, 4 band parametric on the mic/line inputs and 2 band shelving on the monitor inputs. It is possible to move the 2 parametric mid band section from the mic/line path and place them into the monitor path. The Jade is equipped with the Soundtracs FDB EQ which offers up to 20db boost & cut at the extreme ends of the audio spectrum. Unlike most studio consoles it is possible to place the EQ into the group output signal paths.

All Jades have superior discrete, full range pad-less Microphone amplifiers providing low noise smooth audio. 

Jade S modules are equipped with a Dynamics section providing a Compressor & Limiter on every channel which can be used with either a very fast Noise Gate or an expander or modulation enabling auto and triggered pan to be achieved using 2 channels.  There are 24 group buses and 12 Aux buses plus direct outputs from each channel.   

 It is fitted with an integral bantam patchbay and comes with some cables for easy installation.


The Soundtracs Jade S has integral automation controlling the 32 Motorized faders on the Mic/Line signal path and the 32 VCA faders on the monitor path, there are also 8 VCA group master faders. The on-board automation does not need Tracmix or any other external device to work. Mixes can be upgraded and played from the console however if you add an optional 486 computer or an early Pentium automated mixes can be stored and recalled for later use using the Jade S Software. 



Each Channel has 2 inputs Mic & Line plus Group / Tape Monitor path

4 Band EQ on the mic/line channel with High & Low shelving plus full parametric mid section Plus 2 band EQ on the Tape / Monitor plus the ability to move the parametric EQ from the Mic/Line path to the Monitor Path. Unique Feature :  The eq section on the Tape / monitor path can also be used to equalize the group output.

24 Buses routeable to 32 outputs plus 32 channel direct outputs

Dynamics on every channel Dynamics providing a Compressor & Limiter plus optional Expander, and Oscillator

All audio signal paths are balanced even the group and aux buses


Here is a very good demo of the original Soundtracs Jade - the JADE S has all the features of the original Jade plus a greatly improved automation system ( The Jade S does not use Tracmix automation ) plus LCRS Surround mixing with a pair of surround panners, Plus a Digital read out in the meter bridge, a digital output from the stereo bus Plus 8 VCA master faders Etc 


Click here to download a copy of the JADE-S Brochure