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SOUNDCRAFT 2400 80's Console

SOUNDCRAFT 2400 80's console
SOUNDCRAFT 2400 80's console
SOUNDCRAFT 2400 80's console
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SOLD on behalf of a client and now working in a studio in Switzerland.

Soundcraft 2400 28 into 24 mixing console with integral patchbay and some Edac to XLR interface cables. This console is owned by a professional record producer and was used by him in a small studio whilst his main studio was being built. It is fully working and can be seen at the studio in East Anglia by arrangement with this office.

The 2400 was the Soundcraft Flagship whilst it was in production, it was later superseded by the TS 24 and the 3200.  Numerous hits were recorded on the 2400 in the 80's some mixed at larger studios and some mixed on the 2400.

It is a modular - split format mixer with 28 Mic / Line input modules each with 4 band sweep EQ and 6 aux sends. There are 24 group modules each with a monitor section for sending group and tape replay signals to the stereo bus. Total inputs during remix 52.  

Now working in a studio in Switzerland