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SATURN 824 Analogue Multitrack

Saturn 824 Recorder
Saturn 824 Recorder
Saturn 824 Recorder with Remote
Saturn 824 Remote
Saturn 824 Recorder Rear
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SOLD This machine has been sold and will be used in a 48 Track analogue studio based in the Midlands.

The Saturn is a 24 track analogue recorder that uses 2" audio tape. Unlike most analogue recorders it has an automatic audio line up facility, enabling the machine line up to be conducted from the remote control.

The Saturn is flat to 27kHz on both replay and sync heads, higher than you and I can hear but the high bandwidth improves the transient response.

The 824 has superb tape handling properties, the adjustable spooling speed can be set to a maximum of 600 ips, even at this speed when it gets to the end of the reel it will coast to a stop allowing you to spool off slowly. An important factor is that the 824 can handle old tape unlike some of the more expensive 24 track machines.

The Saturn is a very good machine and was without question the best multitrack machine ever produced in the UKĀ 

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