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Raindirk Symphony LN1

RAINDIRK LN1 Recording Console
RAINDIRK LN1 Recording Console
RAINDIRK LN Recording Console Library Picture
Sales price
40 channel In Line console SOLD to a customer in Athens

We are listing this console for a client. There is something special about Raindirk consoles, at £ 8,000 we think it represents excellent value for money .

Originally listed as an LN2 it is an LN1 with the preferred LN1 non parametric EQ leading producer Julian Mendelsohn to describe it as the best sounding desk he has ever used.

Here is a description given to us by the seller :

The console was originally fitted with 36 channels in a non-standard frame capable of housing 48 in-line modules, we later added a further 4 channels of the LN2P type giving 40 in total. The blanking panel on the left could be re-fitted to allow a workstation to be placed at the centre of the console. There are two stereo buses, 32 group outputs and a large patchbay integrated into the right hand side with the unusual addition of connections to all studio mic lines and their corresponding mic inputs. The op-amps have been upgraded throughout to the SSM equivalent of the original NE type. Audio I/O is via easily maintainable 24-way connectors on the underside of the console, we can supply these and a comprehensive set of multicores so that the desk is virtually plug-and-play. The channel EQ on the first 36 channels is Cyril’s original parametric design with fixed Q, this has an incredibly musical sound (generally considered better than the later Symphony EQ) which prompted Julian Mendelsohn to describe it as “the best sounding desk he’d ever used” when we recorded an album here with him.

The desk has been kept in our home studio and has seen only occasional use over the last 15 years, so we are selling it with some regret in order to create more space.

Please contact me if you are seriously interested in this console so that I can put you in touch with the owner.

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