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RAINDIRK ex Olympic
RAINDIRK ex Olympic
Keith Grant at the RAINDIRK Series 3
Sales price
1970's Console from Studio 3 in Olympic Studios SOLD

In an article about Keith Grant and Olympic Studios in Sound on Sound Matt Frost Wrote :

Between 1961 and 1987, under Grant's stewardship, Olympic Studios maintained an unrivaled reputation for technical excellence, sonic quality and inimitable atmosphere, making it the go-to studio for so many of rock and pop's leading lights.

Inc - Dusty Springfield - the Rolling Stones - BB King - Jimi Hendrix,- David Bowie - Led Zeppelin- the Beatles - Pink Floyd and anybody who was anybody during the music industry's golden era could at some point be found laying tracks down at Olympic Studios.

We are pleased to announce that we have available for sale the Raindirk Series 3 that was installed in Studio 3 during the 70's and stayed there until the Studios were sold to Virgin and later in Keith's studio where he recorded film and orchestral music on the Raindirk

This item interested me : 

"One great thing about Olympic was that nobody kept secrets, particularly on the recording side,” explained Keith. "If anybody found out how to do something, everybody was told. When George Chkiantz discovered how to do flanging on 'Itchycoo Park' [a 1967 hit single by the Small Faces, widely believed to be the first recorded instance of tape flanging], everybody knew about it the next day, everybody! And the same with miking an orchestra up, the way you set up the studio, EQ settings and echo settings. Everybody shared ideas and there were no secrets." Read the article.

This console has a great history and would make a good project for an engineer looking for something to keep himself busy while making himself some money. Considering the EMI console which was used to record Dark Side of the Moon sold for $2,000,000 in the USA last year this Raindirk could represent a greater investment as it is priced at around 98% less than the EMI, a contemporary console with a similar history

This is what the owner sent me :

Info on console.

Console is in working condition. Has been recapped ( except for monitor section)

16 Mic pre channels. ( on right) 24 line channels. 4 aux sends, two inserts per channel.

New mid sweep pots fitted.

12 external eq’s fitted, designed by Dick Sweetenham. Two original Olympic( cost £2k, And 10 hand wired exact recreations see pics. (100’s of hours work) all fitted and working beautifully.

Comes will loads of spares inc automation which worked when I got it. ( never used since) Spare channels, pots, op amps etc etc. Unique one off famous British console. Has been a great talking point and studio has been booked on the strength of it.

Please include the sound on sound Keith grant Article and there is a video of him here www.recordproduction.Keith -grant I am the second user of the console I hope it goes to a good home.


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