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NEVE V51 24 channel desk
NEVE V51 24 channel desk
NEVE V51 Mic Pre - Filters & Dynamics
NEVE V51 4 Band EQ
NEVE V51 Centre Section
NEVE V51 Bantam Patchbay
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24 Channel In Line desk with comprehensive EQ & integral dynamics.

This Neve mixer is on its way to Austin Texas which coincidentally is where Rupert Neve is now based. It is to be installed in Justin Douglas's Shine Studios.




24 Channel Neve V51 in nice cosmetic and electronic condition. Each of the 24 channels have Mic & Line inputs each with variable frequency High & Low Pass filters, plus a monitor input. Each channel has a dynamics section that can be used for Compressing or for Gating. There are also switchable channel inserts which can be switched between Pre & Post EQ. 

The EQ sections are 4 band sweep with High & Low shelving switchable to peak & trough with variable frequencies. There are also variable frequency High & Low filters.

The inputs can be routed to the 24 group outputs and the 2 stereo mix bus, it has 8 Aux buses. There is also a mono output, summing left & right outputs from the main mix bus.

The console has the usual facilities including oscillator, 2 sets of control room monitor outputs with dim & mute, talk back etc. The patchbay comprises 7 x 48 socket strips.