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Neve Decca Console

Neve / Decca Console
Neve / Decca Console
Neve / Decca Console
Neve / Decca Console
Neve / Decca Console EQ Section
Neve / Decca Console
Neve / Decca Console
Neve / Decca Console
The complete Neve Console as it was built for Decca
Sales price
NEVE 34155 DECCA Console, Listed for a client SOLD

This lovely console is on its way to its new home in America


Contact Don Larking to be introduced to the current owner.


We originally sold this console to the current owner 3 years ago and then again to the previous owner before that around 21 years ago.

This is a high quality Neve console, built for Decca in 1988. It was the central part of the Decca A16276 console, which was built in 3 parts as a custom 40ch 16 track transportable console, used to make recordings of many of Decca’s classical performances by various international artistes including the 3 Tenors.

Since purchasing it from us, the present owner, Marcus Mumford has had it residing at his home studio. Tracks from  Mumford & Sons last album “Delta” were recorded on the console as was much of the soundtrack to Apple’s upcoming TV series “Ted Lasso” . “It’s been a well loved desk.”


It has 18 channels, 16 busses and a stereo buss. Mic/line (switchable) transformer balanced inputs, Gain, 3-band EQ (HF +/-15dB @ 10kHz, MID +/- 15dB @ 3k9, 1k8 & 820Hz (switchable), LF +/- 15dB @ 80Hz. plus Hi pass filter, 47/82/150Hz (switchable). 2 x aux sends, pan. All EQ and pan knobs are detented. P&G faders plus Transformer balanced Direct Outputs on every channel. 16 buss outputs, busses 1&2 are the stereo buss. 7 x stereo line returns on P&G faders, routed to the stereo buss. 

There are 4 further aux returns (these are the ‘4T Monitor Mix' knobs & cut switches on the meter panel) which route L/R/L/R to the stereo buss. Any or all of the 16 output buss can be routed to the stereo buss via switches above the stereo buss fader. LED meters on all input channels etc. the comprehensive monitor section includes 2 x external stereo returns. Comms/talkback system and oscillator. 

There are Individual phantom power switches on the rear panel. Main Inputs & outputs on XLRs, busses & direct outputs on EDACs.

The Kingshill power supply has no fans so can be situated in the control room and is in a separate flight case. Comes complete with all interconnects - i.e. EDAC - XLRs etc, and comprehensive schematics. It has a Brazilian mahogany arm-rest and meter bridge cap.

It was last given a FULL service in Oct / Nov 2019 by Chris Roberts of Soundlock. As well as being a service engineer Chris is also a respected recording and mix engineer

Chris's comments were as follows:

This Neve is in excellent condition having had a full recap (with Panasonic FR series capacitors) and having had all the switches, faders and edge connectors cleaned making it a highly reliable console.

During the work it was made clear that the amount of previous work required to maintain the console was almost non-existent which proves the great design of the desk.

My work on the console can be seen on my instagram account:


Overall condition is A1, cosmetically and electronically. The module is based on the 542, but is unique - type 34155.

Compact: 112.5cm(L) x 76cm(D) x 90cm(H). A 4-man lift.