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MIDAS Verona 32
MIDAS Verona 32
MIDAS Verona 32
MIDAS Verona 32 Rear
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SOLD Sold to the Mad Professor of ARIWA Productions for his live show.

The Midas Verona is similar to the Cadac J Series in that it was designed for live use but works very well with a DAW, this model has 24 mono mic/line inputs and 8 stereo mic/line inputs, total 40 inputs. The Midas also produces a very clear sound.

Features include : 4 Band sweep EQ with variable frequency High Pass Filter, 8 sub group buses, 8 aux buses, Mix Output, switchable inserts, In Place Solo, click here for the full story. 

The Verona is not fully modular but it provides high quality audio at a very reasonable price.