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JADE S 40 Channel Automated Console

JADE S Console from left
JADE S Console from left
JADE S Console from Right
JADE S Console Master Section
JADE S Console with Sliding shelf for controller
Saturn 824 with Remote
Sales price
SOLD 40 channel, 80 input, In Line automated console. with Assignable Dynamics. THIS CONSOLE HAS BEEN SOLD TO A CLIENT IN BELGIUM


The Jade S is the latest version of the very popular Jade console, it is a 40 channel console equipped with 40 sets of Dynamics providing very fast Noise Gates, Audio Compressors, Limiters, Auto Pan, Triggered Pan and much more. It is an In Line console like an SSL and has 6 bands of EQ and 12 aux. buses  per module. It also has 24 group buses plus direct routing to 40 outputs. The Jade S has 80 VCA automated faders plus 8 VCA master faders.

Additional features of the JADE S not found on the standard Jade : i) LCRS Surround Mixing. ii) Digital I/O on the stereo bus. iii) Integral VCA automation providing automation to all 80 faders iv) 8 VCA Master faders fitted below the patchbay. v) SMPTE Timer code Generator with clock mounted in the meter bridge.

The current owner has had a sliding shelf fitted to the top of the console which can be used to hold a DAW controller, the sliding shelf does not touch the pots or faders and does not harm the console in any way at all, when not required it can be simply lifted off.

Jade series consoles are renown for their superior, Discrete, pad-less microphone Pre-amplifiers. All in all a high performance console with facilities not found on many consoles of a similar price. So many hits were made on the Jade & Jade S consoles in the 80's & 90's. They were very successful we sold over 50 of them in the UK including 9 Jade consoles in the Willesden area of London alone.