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Euphonix CS3000 Assignable console
Euphonix CS3000 Assignable console
Euphonix CS3000 Analogue Racks
Euphonix CS3000 Inputs Rack
Euphonix CS3000 CUBE Rack
Euphonix CS3000 Patchbays
Euphonix CS3000 Assignable console Master Section
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The 112 input Euphonix CS3000 is an assignable console i.e. it is an analogue console with digital control, this means that the audio signal remains in the analogue domain, no A/D or D/A conversion, however the controls are digital, every function on the desk is automated and can be stored and recalled at the touch of a button, just like a digital console but with superior analogue sound. The system comprises the work surface ( desk ) Towers ( audio electronics ), patchbay, 5 x 8 sets of ES-108 Dynamics in the Cube rack, expandable. plus interconnecting cables.

Each channel has 6 inputs (2 mic inputs and 4 line inputs). There are 2 EQs per channel. Each ES-108 module has 8 channels of dynamic processing that integrate into the Euphonix mixing environment.

Complete snap shots can be stored and recalled against time code, furthermore, the console also has dynamic automation on every fader, pot and switch. Every desk function can be automated, stored and recalled at will, JUST LIKE A DIGITAL CONSOLE BUT WITH ANALOGUE AUDIO

Another advantage : Because the signal does not go through the console you never get any noisy pots or faders and no clicks on switches - ever. 

Recently serviced by Euphonix specialist.

From the TEARS FOR FEARS studio