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DDA AMR Recording Console

DDA AMR 32 x 24 x 24 Console
DDA AMR 32 x 24 x 24 Console
DDA AMR 32 x 24 x 24 Console
DDA AMR Patchbay
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SOLD This fine console has been purchased by Doncaster College and is being used to teach the students how to use a Split Mode console

In the 1980's DDA manufactured a range of high quality consoles for track laying and mixing. The AMR was the top of the range and was highly rated, it was used as the sole recording console in the top end, mid market studios while fully professional studios with more than one live room often used the AMR for track laying and a more up-market console for mixing.

For instance Marcus Studios in London had 2 AMR consoles in their track laying studios and 2 SSL consoles, in their mixing suites.

The AMR from Bryn Derwen is a 36 input, 24 group/monitor Split Mode console with an internal patchbay.The first 36 inputs have Mic & Line inputs with 4 band parametric EQ plus a variable high pass filter. There are sends to 8 Aux busses, 2 stereo & 4 mono busses. Each pair of aux sends can be switched pre or post fader. To improve cross-talk there are individual routing switches to the 24 buses with a switch to select the pan, each channel has a 48 volt phantom switch and an insert switch.

Mic and line are switched globally from the master section with reverse switches on the channels. There are 3 solo modes, pfl, afl & in Place which are globally switched with solo safe switches on the input channels. 

The group / monitor modules also have 4 bands of EQ but without the variable Q and variable high pass filter that is found on the mic/line channels, there are the same sends to the 8 aux busses. Group or tape monitoring is switched globally and can be reversed at the group module. The monitor modules are fitted with a 100mm with a fader reverse switch  to allow the group P&G faders to be used on the tape returns  

There are 2 headphone outputs each of which can be sourced from any of the pairs of aux buses, 3 stereo mastering machines, from a pair of sockets on the patchbay, or from the monitor mix or the main mix. There are 2 mute buses allowing the user to mute 2 banks of channels via the 2 master switches.

Finally, the AMR can be used with a single 24 track recorder or 2 x 24 track recorders for 46 track recording. When recording on 2 machines the 24 monitor inputs can be switched between the 2 multitrack machines, when multitrack B is selected multitrack A plays back through line inputs 1-24 on the input channels while multitrack B plays back through the monitor inputs.

The DDA AMR is a large Split format console which was used to produce many hits over the past 30 years, this one is - 9 feet 1 inches (280 cm) long, 3 feet 9 inches (116 cm) deep.