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CALREC S2 24 Channel Console

Calrec S2 - 24 channel console
Calrec S2 - 24 channel console
Calrec S2 - 24 channel console
Calrec S2 - 24 channel console
Calrec S2 - compressors
Calrec S2 - Channel EQ
Calrec S2 - Aux Sends from channels
Calrec S2 - Meters on faders
Calrec S2 - 36 channel console from Left
Calrec S2 - 36 channel console from Right
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SOLD CALREC S2 24 channel Ultra High Quality Compact Console. Sold to a studio complex in East London

CALREC S2 24 channel analogue console.

Broadcast quality consoles like Calrec and Cadac are ideal for use with Pro Tools or similar DAW systems, the fact that the monitor mix can be configured using the computer recording software means that studio consoles no longer need to have a monitor section. 

A system comprising a DAW with an analogue console will give you the benefit of the ease of use of digital combined with the superior sound of analogue. We also available 48 channel and 36 channel Calrec S2's, at reduced prices.

The Calrec S2 24 frame console is fitted with 12 mic/line & 12 stereo mic/line channels (switchable to Mono). 4 stereo group channels plus channel direct outputs plus stereo inject. Maximum 44 inputs

The input modules can be routed to the 8 stereo sub-groups and the 2 stereo busses, each input module also has a stereo direct output that can be switched pre or post fader and also set to pre-post EQ on the PCB. The input modules have 4 band EQ comprising high & low shelving with switchable frequencies plus 2 parametric mid frequency sections, there are also High & Low pass filters, click here to see an S2 technical manual

All I/O's are via Edac connectors, patchbays available as extras. Console Dimensions  132cm wide, 104 cm deep, 100 cm high at meter bridge.

All of our Calrec consoles have recapped master sections furthermore all input channel capacitors have been tested and replaced if showing signs of wear. All of these consoles have been passed clean with no faults on all inputs and outputs. They can be seen on demo at our premises near Bedford. Service agreements available.

S2 24 Channel Console : Modules/Channels

12 x mic / line input modules PQ 4069
12 Mono or Stereo Line input modules
( can be used as stereo or mono inputs )

4 x stereo groups XL 4071
2 x stereo main master output modules LC3658  
1 x Talkback / osc module TY 3660
Monitor selector 1+2 ML4230
2 x IM4316 (master faders)

Meter Bridge
1 x MY3680 meter selector
3 x MU3663 Sifam PPM meters
1 x PFL speaker LS3803
4 x stereo compressors DL 3678 (which are available via an edac connector)

3 power supplies with cables

Other Features

There are numerous external 2  track inputs in the monitor selection panel
The stereo bridge meters are assigned to main output , option select and AFL / PFL


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