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Calrec S2
Calrec S2
Calrec S2
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Calrec S2  EQ
Calrec S2
Calrec S2 Stereo Line Inputs
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CALREC S2 Console Master Modules
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Broadcast Quality Tracking & Summing mixer SOLD

This console is in prime condition and has been refurbished. 

It is loaded with 36 input modules providing 49 inputs:

23 Mono Mic / Line modules
1 Stereo Mic / Line module
12 Stereo Line inputs
8 Aux sends, 4 mono & 2 stereo all pre/post fader plus on/off
Direct output level pot
2 Stereo Mix Buses each with an integral stereo compressor
4 Stereo Compressors
4 Stereo Sub Groups
4 Power Supplies plus 1 spare

Calrec like Neve are broadcast quality and were chosen by the BBC as well as other broadcasters.

The Calrec S2 is unique in that all of the input slots can accommodate mono or stereo input modules. It is currently fitted with 12 Stereo line input modules and 23 Mono mic/line modules plus 1 stereo mic / line module inputs. There are also direct outputs from each module. 

The console has direct outputs plus 4 stereo output groups. All inputs, groups, aux's and master compressors are equipped with level meters.

It is a great sounding console that can be tried and heard at our premises near Bedford UK. These are very high specification consoles designed for Post Production and broadcast however they are just as comfortable being used in a music studio, they are well worth consideration.

There are 8 aux buses, 6 mono and two stereo.

The desk has 2 main stereo outputs each with a stereo compressor there are also 4 stereo compressors in the meter bridge that can be plugged into any of the stereo input modules.

There are numerous external 2 track inputs in the monitor selection panel.

Compact mixer = Dimensions  TBA cm wide, 104 cm deep, 100 cm high at meter bridge.


Here is a video we made of a similar but larger console