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Calrec M Series
Calrec M Series
Calrec M Series
CALREC EQ (1000x749)
CALREC Master Section (1000x685)
CALREC COMPS (455x1000)
CALREC MIX + comps (841x1000)
CALREC PATCH & PSU (427x1000)
CALREC Meter Bridge (1000x469)
Calrec M Series EQ
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Ex BBC console. VGC, partially recapped SOLD now in the USA


22 channel Calrec mixer with 6 Mono & 16 stereo inputs. Fitted with a pair of Calrec stereo compressors and PPM meters. Each channel is fitted with 4 band EQ. plus variable high pass and low pass filters

All channels have direct outputs, there are 3 aux buses plus pre & post fader listens. 

Being an ex broadcast console it has a much larger patchbay that you need for a music studio, it uses GPO 316 brass sockets much more substantial than bantam sockets, for music studio use you could take off more than half of the patchbay which could be sold.

Calrec make very high quality broadcast consoles with superb mic pre-amps and low noise audio.


This console has been serviced and is ready to install