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CADAC Summing Mixer

Cadac Summing Mixer
Cadac Summing Mixer
Channel Modules
Channel & Master Modules
Fully Paramtric EQ
144 Hole GPO 1/4
Buss & PSU Connectors
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Currently undergoing conversion by CADAC specialist GWYN MATHIAS who is himself a Cadac owner with over 30 years experience working with, and on, Cadac consoles :

This 1980's Cadac A Series Summing Mixer is part of a console that was manufactured for the Royal Shakespeare Company and installed in the Shakespeare theatre in Stratford in the UK. 

This Cadac A Series summing mixer comprises 20 mic/line input modules each with 3 band fully parametric EQ and 6 aux sends plus 2 group modules providing the main stereo output, 1 Aux master module & 1 Communications module. The input modules have LUNDAHL transformers on the direct outputs ( see * note below ) and there are MARINAIR transformers on the mix buss outputs.

The Cadac A Series has high performance transformerless mic amplifiers which are excellent, the line inputs use the same superb circuitry. The parametric EQ provides boost/cut. frequency and bandwidth controls while all 6 aux sends have individual pre/post fader switches.

Cadac consoles are noted for their build quality as well as their superior audio performance, furthermore any A Series mixer such as this one can be enlarged but adding a further buckets of modules as they can be chained together, one set of power supplies is capable of running over 100 modules. We have included a picture of the rear connectors to demonstrate the quality of build and to show the audio buss connect which allows chassis to be chained together.


 * Each channel is fitted as standard with a LUNDAHL Transformer on the direct output which is taken pre EQ allowing the direct output to have a clean feed while the channel signal being routed to the mix buss may be EQ'd. Gwyn is modifying the modules so that when the EQ is switched in the direct output transformer is sent post EQ.