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CALREC S2 48 channel Console

Calrec S2 48 channel (96 input) desk
Calrec S2 48 channel (96 input) desk
Comes with 6 Stereo Compressors inc. 2 built into the 2 master busses
Sales price
SOLD 48 channel, 96 inputs and 16 buses.

This is a great sounding console that can be tried and heard at our premises. Full electronic refurbishment : This console has undergone a very high level of service, the master sections has been recapped while every capacitor in the input modules have been tested and any showing any sign of wear have been replaced. These are very high specification consoles and well worth consideration.

All the input modules on this S2 consoles can be used in mono or stereo mode providing up to 96 inputs on this 48 channel desk.

Calrec consoles are high quality products and are equal to the better makes in both audio and build quality. These mixers are ideal for working with DAW systems as well as RADAR & Multitrack analogue.

This console is available ex stock and has numerous inputs; this 48 channel console is fitted with 24 stereo mic. line channels & 24 Stereo Line channels ( Max 96 inputs ) The 48 stereo modules can be switched individually to mono or stereo modes.

There are 16 group buses, 8 stereos. plus direct outputs from all modules. To aid mixing the 48 channel desk has VCA sub-grouping, there are 6 VCA master faders that can be used to control the levels and mutes of the 48 channel faders. There are also 10 aux buses, 6 mono and two stereo. The desk has 2 main stereo outputs with stereo compressors on each of the 2 stereo mix busses there are also 4 stereo compressors in the meter bridge that can be plugged into any of the stereo input modules.

There are numerous external 2 track inputs in the monitor selection panel

The stereo bridge meters are assigned to main output , option select and AFL / PFL. Patchbays can be provided at extra cost.

Compact mixer = Dimensions  205cm wide, 104 cm deep, 100 cm high at meter bridge.

Facilities available :


24 x stereo mic / line  PQ 4069
24 x stereo line / BQ 4070
8 x stereo groups  XL 3656
2 x stereo main master outputs  LC4341

1 x Talkback /osc module TY 3660
Monitor selector 1+2  ML4230

VCA faders

56 X IC4061 (channel / group faders)
3 x IG4062 ( dual vca group faders )
2 X IM4627 (master faders)

Over Bridge

1 X MY3680 meter selector
3 x MU3663 Sifam meters
1 X PFL speaker LS3803
4 x stereo compressors DL 3678-2 (which are on an edac connector)

5 power supplies with cables


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