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CADAC S Type Mixer

CADAC S Type with Flightcase & PSU
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A Compact Professional Mixer with loads of facilities. SOLD

Visit the Cadac S Series web site here.

This high spec little mixer was manufactured around 2006, is in excellent condition and shows little sign of use. Ideal for the producer who needs a very high quality mixer in a small package. Approx 24" (60 cm) x 25 " (63 cm)

Supplied with separate 19" power supply and branded flightcase with castors, all as pictured.

The S Type has loads of facilities and could be considered a smaller version of the F & J Types, it has the same superior mic pre-amps, and the same 4 band parametric equalizers, 4 audio groups & 4 VCA groups with master faders. Low Noise power supply.

This particular mixer facilities include :

16 inputs via 12 Channels, 8 mono and 4 stereo, all with direct outputs plus routing to 4 groups and to the stereo mix bus.

4 groups with direct outputs and routing to the stereo bus and the

4 Matrix outputs with direct outputs 

1 Stereo Mix bus module including Oscillator and talk back plus listen ( monitor ) Output 

4 VCA Master Faders allow any of the channel faders to be controlled by any of the master faders

4 Aux outputs with on  switch and pre/post fader switch

Switchable inserts on channels, groups & Matrix buses

100 mm Faders

4 band parametric EQ plus high pass filters

Each channel has PFL, Osc, Phase reverse, 48 v Phantom Power, 20 db Pad

LED Metering on channels, groups, stereo mix and matrix outputs 

Channel direct outputs with Pre-Post switch and level control

Talkback to aux buses and groups

The oscillator output can be picked up by any input channel for quick and easy checking

Dimensions : 

Lenght   61cm

width     62cm

Height   19cm at highest point