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CADAC J-Type 44 Frame Console

CADAC J Series Centre section
CADAC J Series Centre section
CADAC J Series Console
CADAC J Series Console
CADAC J Series long shot
CADAC J Series 4 Band Parametric EQ
CADAC J Series Rear Connectors
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SOLD With 30 Mono & 2 Stereo inputs, 8 subs ( expandable ) and 8 aux's. In first class condition This lovely mixer has been sold and is now working in Amsterdam

These Cadac consoles from the 80's & 90's have been favourably compared with early Neve consoles but at much lower prices. Being designed for theatre use there are a few adjustments to be made to the installation but they are well worth the effort. If you are not conversant with Cadac consoles visit the 'Cadac Desks' Facebook page and talk to some of the Cadac owners who post there.

Here are a couple of quotes from 2 Cadac fans, I could get a lot more but I don't wish to labour the point :

QUOTE by Thomas Vingtrinier, Studio Sequenza, Paris. : 

"If I had to describe further what the CADAC console is about for me, I would say it offers the perfect balance between an open / detailed sound and the analogue warmth and fullness of classic consoles from the 80’s. 

Studio Sequenza own 2 consoles, a Neve 8232 and a Cadac A Series.

QUOTE by Mateo, Dubrovnik, Croatia.

"10 years ago I worked on the big Cadac console and was amazed with headroom and colour"



The J Series is a transformerless console which provides the same high quality audio performance as the rest of the Cadac range but with added transient response, furthermore it is built to the same very high standard. Originally designed for theatre use however they work very well with ProTools and other DAWs.

Cadac consoles are built to a very high standard using the highest quality components, we have never had to recap any Cadac console from the 80's or 90's. The modules are built in a very special way with most of the components mounted on plug in small circuit boards, very expensive to make but very easy to service. As you may realize we are very impressed with them, as are our customers. 

Any module can be placed in any slot within the frame, they can even be hot swapped while the console is in use, all the inputs and outputs plus the insert send and return sockets are mounted on the back of the module making the J series one of the easiest consoles you will ever have to install. If you need a patchbay we have a number of racked units that we can supply with the J Series at additional cost. 


This particular console is equipped with :

30 Mono input modules with 3 band parametric EQ plus variable Hi & Lo pass filter
2 Stereo inputs modules with 4 band parametric EQ plus variable Hi & Lo pass filters
8 Sub Groups plus direct outputs on all channels ( switchable pre / post fader on all modules  )
8 stereo matrix Groups, ( control room and fold back feeds in a studio environment )
8 Aux Busses  
8 VCA masters for VCA grouping ( VCAs can be bypassed )

Easy Installation : all inputs and outputs are via XLR’s and Jack plugs making this a very easy console to install. 

The J Series is the only console we know that allows any module to placed into any slot within the console, up to a max 16 groups and 12 aux busses. Please call us to discuss a configuration to suit you.

Great value at £7,950.00


Look at our Cadac J Series You Tube demo