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CADAC J Series

CADAC J Series 30 input Mixer
CADAC J Series 30 input Mixer
CADAC J Series Master Modules
CADAC J Series led lit Routing switches
CADAC J Series 4 band parametric EQ
CADAC J Series Rear Panel
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SOLD 30 input J Series Cadac mixer. Great for Track laying and Summing SOLD AND NOW WORKING IN SWITZERLAND

Cadac mixers are renown for their sound quality - some say second to none.

With specifications like these it is no surprise;

      Signal to noise - 105 dbu
      Dynamic range 119db 20 hz - 20kHz unweighted
      THD 0.009% @ 1kHz
      Frequency response 5Hz - 65 kHz +/- 0.5db ( 2 octaves higher than most humans can hear but the 
                 extended range improves the transient response )
      Crosstalk >-80db @ 10kHz 

The CADAC J series was designed for live use and theatre installation, to view the Cadac J series web site click here

A complete J Series console is programmable and has max 16 groups, 12 Aux busses 32 way Matrix, in place solos and pfl facilities and much more. We are not offering a complete J series, we have a 24 channel frame with 8 Mono inputs plus 11 stereo inputs ( total 30 inputs ),  2 x 4 way Aux masters, 3 group & Matrix modules.

Our J Series has no central control module to connect to a PC to provide pre-programming and also to control the solos and pfl. But what we do have is 8 Mono and 11 Stereo input modules each with direct outputs which can be individually switched pre or post fader and pre or post EQ, each module has a great Mic Pre-Amp and can route to 12 aux busses ( as we only have 8 aux masters 4 of these cannot be used ) plus a fantastic 4 band Parametric Equaliser, There are 3 Group / Matrix modules providing the final mix and sends to 3 pairs of control room monitors.

This is not a mixer for recording a complete band in a single take using a Radar or analogue multitrack but is ideal for the musician who wants to lay down his tracks 3 or 4 at a time, or wishes to over dub previous recordings BUT it comes into its own when Summing the outputs of a DAW system, the 11 stereo input modules are ideal for mixing stems from the DAW while the 8 mono inputs can be used to introduce main vocals, snare, kick and solo instruments into the mix, tracks that need individual processing and individual FX.  

Every input and every output is equipped with a switchable insert while the 3 groups and 3 matrix channels are also equipped with inject sockets with level controls.

As stated above this mixer was designed for live use so there are some drawbacks which have to be worked around, for instance there is no solo function however this is no problem for DAW users as the channels can be soloed in the DAW, similarly there is no talkback however a talkback microphone can be plugged into a channel providing talkback to the artiste using an aux bus.

All things considered Cadac live mixers will give you the best sound you will get from any analogue console, at least that is what I was told by  French client who purchased an 80's Neve and a Cadac 15 channel sidecar from me a couple of years ago - he still has both and tells me that the Cadac has the superior sound.

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