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CADAC J Series Starter Console

Cadac J Series starter console inc. some loaded options.
Cadac J Series starter console inc. some loaded options.
Cadac J Series starter console inc. some loaded options.
Cadac J Series rear inputs
Sales price
Part filled frame allowing expansion at a later date. £5,000

3 consoles SOLD to clients in Germany, Yorkshire and the Hebrides


The Cadac J Series starter console provides a part filled 40 module frame with power supplies at a very reasonable £5,000.


Cadac consoles are respected for the quality of the sound, the facilities and high quality components, far better than that found on similar priced used consoles. I was discussing this with engineer Clive Kavan today who explained that the designer Barry Porter used Non Polar capacitors unlike most other manufacturers who use Polarised capacitors, Non Polar capacitors are more expensive than the alternative and last a lot longer, Barry is considered a genius among many engineers, he was the electronics designer behind the Trident A Range along with Malcolm Toft, one of the best consoles ever made, original 70's modules sell for £5,000 each (not to be confused with modern copies)   

The J Series are unique in that any module can be placed into any slot in the frame, they can be fitted with up to 16 sub groups however most customers have 2 or 4 subgroups in their console.

There is a choice of input module, MONO - DUAL MONO - STEREO. The group Module also houses a stereo Matrix output, There are 12 aux outputs, the Starter Console is equipped with a Chris Roberts aux module with outputs on D Sub Connectors.


Equipped with :

24 Mono Input Modules

4 Sub Groups inc. stereo output Matrix buses

12 Aux outputs via a Chris Roberts 12 way aux masters card with 2 D Sub outputs ( 1-8 & 9-12 )

1  Communications Module

11 Blanks allowing expansion.

The Starter Console can be modified by adding or removing various options to suit your way of working

Should you require additional facilities here are the options :

Programmable Dual Input modules
Stereo Input modules
Motor Faders
CCM Computer module 
VCA Master faders 

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