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CADAC J Series

CADAC J Series Dual Mono input stage
CADAC J Series Dual Mono input stage
CADAC J Series 36 module frame
CADAC J Series 36 module frame
CADAC J Series 36 module frame
CADAC J Series 36 module frame
CADAC J Series Dual Inputs rear
CADAC J Series rear full console
CADAC J Series Dual Mono input stage
Sales price
CADAC J Series 36 Frame fitted with Dual Inputs. SOLD

This J Series is approximately 2 metres ( 6 feet) long 

The 36 Frame Console was put together and tested by Anthony Waldron : It comes as standard with a pair of Cadac powerful switch mode power supplies ( capable of driving 3 large consoles ) 

( it can be supplied with alternative modules and a silent power supply if required ) 

Currently the console is loaded with :

26 Dual inputs with 4 band parametric EQ, adjustable frequency Hi & Lo Pass filter & Motor Faders

12 aux sends, 10 Mono & a stereo pair

6 groups / Matrix Modules providing 6 mono group outputs

6 stereo Matrix outputs.

6 VCA master faders

All input modules Fitted with motor faders for Snap Shot automation  

1 x 12 way Chris Roberts aux group master module. Absolute Bargain at  £   6,900.00

Full dynamic level & mute automation available by using optional Tiny CCM

NB. This desk can be reconfigured with different modules if require, inputs available are Mono, Dual Mono and Stereo. The console can accommodate up to 16 group / matrix modules 

Look at a Cadac J Series on You Tube. Video produced by Ian Nicholls 


General : All Inputs and group modules are supplied with balanced direct outputs on XLR
Balanced Buses

Inputs, Groups & Matrix outputs provided with separate, switched balanced insert sends & returns on stereo jacks 

Group & Matrix buses have variable level balanced injects on XLR.

All inputs and outputs are metered

High Quality Audio : All buses are balance.

Cadac J Series consoles are very high quality analogue audio mixers unbeatable in a quality to price ratio. They provide high quality signals at a very low price compared with other quality consoles like Neve, Api, SSL Etc. Many of our customers who have bought J series consoles from us have sold their outboard Mic Pre-Amps preferring to use the mic amps in the desk. They are extremely versatile as any module can be placed into any module slot in the frame.

Covered by 6 months parts and labour guarantee:

I have been selling professional consoles for over 40 years and I can say without risk of contradiction there is no better sounding console available at twice the price which is why I choose to sell Cadac consoles .

Don Larking