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CADAC J Series

CADAC 34 Module J Series
CADAC 34 Module J Series
CADAC 34 Module J Series
CADAC 34 Module J Series
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This one has been sold but we have a lot more

38 Module J Series Cadac console with Switch Mode Power supplies, Sold


This console is loaded with :

29 Programmable Dual input modules. 2 programmable Inputs per module. 4 band parametric EQ with recall, routing to all fitted groups ( 16 maximum ) Separate balanced insert sends and returns. 

4 Group / Matrix Modules. Providing 4 group and 8 matrix outputs. Groups and Matrix both have balance insert and inject points. 

4 VCA Master faders. Can be used to control level and mute any individual or groups of faders assigned to them

Cadac Aux Master module. 10 Aux sends with level and meters

Cadac Oscillator module. Includes masters for stereo aux's 11&12 ,

Communications Module. Talk back to all aux's and 3 talk back groups 

CCM module.
Provides Snap Shot Automation of Inputs, faders Channel switches and EQ

Motor faders on all inputs.  Can be used as normal faders or controlled by CCM

Like all Cadac J Series consoles options include more or fewer groups, mono or stereo inputs, Anthony Waldron Low Noise power supply and like our Cadacs they are all subject to a pre-delivery test by Anthony Waldron and come with 6 months free module exchange in case of a problem.

If you are not familiar with Cadac J Series consoles here are some of the features :

Channel slots can accommodate any input or output module making the J Series the most versatile console available. 

High Quality mic amps : some customers who have bought Cadac J Series consoles from us have sold their outboard specialist Mic Amps because they prefer the ones in the Cadac J Series. Andy of Superfly Studios wrote  " it's the sound I've been after this whole time. I'm a big fan of the pre-amps and eq they sound lush and open.  What a great find, and thank you for your expertise. We have received similar responses from other J Series customers but don't take my word for it, visit the Cadac Desks forum on Facebook and ask the Cadac owners their opinion. 

Choice of Input Modules : Mono, Dual Mono (Programmable or non programmable ) and Stereo. The mono module has 3 band parametric EQ whereas the dual mono and stereo modules each have a 4 band parametric Equalizer, described by Noel Ram, a firm Calrec fan, as the best EQ he has ever used and he has recorded on most makes of console. What is unique about Cadac EQ, apart from having very low phase shift producing a clarity not heard on other consoles is the ability to switch every EQ band out of circuit keeping noise to a minimum.

Ability to fit any module into any module slot. You can place any module, input, output or any other Cadac J Series module into any slot within the console frame, this means you can have between 2 - 16 group modules fitted into your console and they can be changed at will. If you need fewer group modules when mixing you can replace some of the groups with additional inputs in remix to increase the number of inputs available in mix.

Sub-Group / Matrix Module. This is a standard group module with an XLR output however it is also equipped with a stereo Matrix output also with XLR outputs, the Matrix channels derive their signals from the groups, both Sub Group and Matrix have balanced Insert sends and returns on TRS jacks, they also have Inject sockets allowing additional signals to be mixed with the Sub Group and/or Matrix, the injects can also be used to provide level adjustment and meters on aux buses if using the Chris Roberts 12 way aux master module.

Input Modules : Mono or Dual Mono or Stereo, they are all equipped with balanced direct outputs and balanced Insert Sends and Returns on separate TRS jacks, all inputs have 10 mono aux sends plus a stereo aux out for aux's 11&12. Every aux sends is equipped with a pre/post fader switch and an on/of switch. In order to use aux sends 11&12 you need either a Cadac Oscillator module or a Chris Roberts 12 way aux master module. The Dual Mono input has 2 separate balanced inputs via XLR plus an on/off switch on each input plus phase and a 20 db pad, on this module the input signals are combined after the input stage providing a mono output on the direct out and/or fader. The programmable inputs can be used in conjunction with the CCM module to globally switch the inputs on the Dual input modules enabling one input to be used for mic/line input and the other input for the DAW output, this enables the J Series to act like an In Line Console

AUTOMATION : Provided a J Series is equipped with a CCM module and motor faders it can be fully automated, levels and mutes by the addition of a Mini CCM, manufactured by a company in Switzerland, details on request 

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