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CADAC J Series 45 input Studio console

Cadac J Series
Cadac J Series
Cadac J Series
Cadac J Series
Cadac J Series, Group Matrix Modules
Cadac J Series. Meter bridge
Cadac J Series. Mono Module 3 band parametric EQ
Cadac J Series. Stereo Module 4 band parametric EQ
Cadac J Series. Patchbay
Cadac J Series. Stereo faders with VCA selectors
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We sell lots of Cadac consoles as can be seen from the Sold Console page on this web site. They sell well because they provide exceptional quality audio and are extremely well built all this at attractive, unbeatable  prices. Don't just take my word for it talk to the members of the Cadac Desks group on Facebook.

J Series Cadac consoles were designed for theatre use but work exceptionally well with DAW systems. This particular console has 56-slots filled with 40 mono input modules, 5 stereo inputs, 8-subgroups, 8 way stereo output matrix, 8 VCA groups, 12 aux busses, oscillator, custom talkback-to-cue, modified PFL section, buffered passive monitor system, custom maple woodwork to match original, including meter bridge with 8 assignable Dorrough peak/RMS light meters. Includes remote patchbay.

The J Series is like no other console in that any module can be placed into any slot and can be moved around at ease, even when the desk is powered up. I will be writing more about this particular console in the next few days in the meantime if you would like to know more about it please contact me, Don Larking at