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CADAC J Series

CADAC J Series 22 inputs
CADAC J Series 22 inputs
CADAC J Series 22 input frame with Aux & Osc Modules
CADAC J Series Parametric EQ
CADAC J Series Aux sends 1-10 Mono plus stereo
CADAC J Series Fader Bay
CADAC J Series High Pass Filter and low EQ
CADAC J Series 22 input frame with 2 groups plus Aux & Osc Modules & VCAs
Sales price
22 Module Frame. Tracking or Summing Price from £3,960 OR £3,354 IF PURCHASED IN AUGUST SOLD

The smallest of our J Series Frames. Dimensions 36 inches ( 34.5 cm ) wide 34.5 inches ( 88 cm ) deep

It has 22 slots and can be supplied in various ways

With 22 mono inputs for basic track laying using the channel direct outputs to your DAW

OR With 20 mono inputs plus 1x10 way aux master module and 1 Osc module. To provide 12 aux outputs

OR With 18 mono inputs plus 2 Groups and 1x10 way aux master module and 1 Osc module. To provide stereo mix out plus 12 aux outputs for summing

OR With fewer inputs and more groups the choice is yours with a Cadac J series

Because you can put any module into any slot you can set up the mixer to suit how you want to work. You can also fit 1 or 2 VCA group master faders to allow you to use Aux buses 11&12 as the mix outputs and use one of the VCA group master as the mix fader.

If you keep a few spare input and group modules available you can change the desk to suit the job, there are no limits to your set up 

Above are some of the options but what about the most important factor - the sound. I find it very hard to describe sound so here is something that was sent to me by one of our J Series customers last year.

it's the sound I've been after this whole time. I'm a big fan of the pre-amps and eq they sound lush and open.  What a great find, and thank you for your expertise

Cheers Andy
Superfly studios

I have been told that the J Series Mic Pre-amps and EQ were designed by the late Barry Porter who was a genius British electronics designer, his design work included Trident A & B range consoles, some desirable Raindirk consoles models and finally his work at Cadac.  

The J Series is transformerless so has superb transient response however if you like the transformer sound Cadac Guru Anthony Waldron can supply sets of Lundahl In Line output transformers that can be plugged up when required.  

Prices : J Series 22 module frame and power supply loaded with 22 Mono Inputs £ 3,960 or £3,354 if purchased in August '19 

If you wish to have fewer inputs and add groups and/or a 10 way Aux master module, or an Oscillator Module deduct £150 for each mono input and fader removed.

All inputs and outputs are metered on the J Series and all inputs and group and matrix outputs have individual insert sends & returns ( no stereo sockets )