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CADAC J Series 36 Module Frame

Sales price
28 Mono Inputs, 6 Group/Matrix modules (expandable), 4 Aux sends (expandable). SOLD TO A CUSTOMER TO BE INSTALLED IN A LONDON STUDIO

The Cadac J Series is one of the most versatile console models that we have experienced, they were designed as very expensive theatre consoles in the Neve & SS price bracket. They are transformerless so have excellent transient response and provide superb audio quality similar audio quality to a 70's Neve.

The J Series is unusual in that you can specify the type of inputs you want, Mono, Dual Input Mono or Stereo inputs - you can also specify how many sub-group/Matrix modules you need ( Maximum 16 ) and how many Aux's you need.  At the  moment this one has 28 mono inputs, 6 sub groups and 4 aux's but it can be modified to suit you depending upon the availability of modules. We also have smaller and larger frame sizes available 

Installation is very simple as the input & output, Insert & Inject sockets are on the rear of the modules. As well as being able to specify the modules you can also decide how you would like them assembled, any module can be placed into any position within the frame and may even be hot swapped.

Although J Series consoles were designed for theatre use they work extremely well in a recording environment and have features rarely found on even the most expensive studio console, features such as signal inject into the sub group and matrix buses, all input and output signals metered, optional VCA's, fully parametric EQ, variable high pass filters, user definable groups and aux busses, switchable phantom on each input module, stereo Matrix on each sub group, high spec modular electronics. 

Being designed for theatre the J Series does not have a dedicated control room monitor output however it does have stereo matrix outputs ( 1 stereo Matrix output for each sub group ) so you can configure multiple monitor outputs. The Penny & Giles, washable, conductive plastic channel faders can be used with or without VCAs, there is a VCA master for every subgroup fitted to the console.

There is much more to Cadac consoles than you know, why not visit us for a demo or join the Cadac Desks group on Facebook and ask the other members about their Cadacs

Dimensions : Length 148 cm  depth 95 cm