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CADAC J-Type 26 Frame Console

CADAC J Series Console
CADAC J Series Console
4 band parametric EQ plus variable Hi & Lo Pass filters
Channel, Aux Master & Group/Matrix modules. Library Picture
Channel Modules
CADAC J Series Library Picture : All I/O and inserts available on rear.
J Series Long Shot
CADAC J Series Console
Sales price
SOLD 26 module frame fitted with 9 mono,4 stereo & 5 Dual inputs, 6 subgroups. SOLD to a client in Greece

 Buying Used ? If you want Neve quality but do not want to pay Neve Prices then it has to be a Cadac.

The J Series is a transformerless console which provides the same high quality audio performance as the rest of the Cadac range but with added transient response, furthermore it is built to the same very high standard. Originally designed for theatre use however they work very well with ProTools and other DAWs. 

This console is equipped with : 

9 Mono input modules with 3 band parametric EQ plus variable Hi & Lo pass filter
4 Stereo input modules Plus 5 Dual input modules all with 4 band parametric EQ plus variable Hi & Lo pass filter
( according to one customer it is the best sounding EQ that he had ever used ) 
8 Sub Groups plus direct outputs on all channels ( switchable pre / post fader on all modules Pre / post EQ on stereo and dual modules )
8 Main Groups, ( control room and fold back feeds in a studio environment )
8 Aux Busses ( expandable )  8 VCA masters for VCA grouping ( VCAs can be bypassed )

Easy Installation : all inputs and outputs are via XLR’s and Jack plugs making this a very easy console to install. 

The J Series is the only console we know that allows any module to be placed into any slot within the console, up to a max 16 groups and 12 aux busses. Please call us to discuss configuration that can be changed to suit. 


Here is the J-Type User Manual


Take a closer look at this console on our YouTube channel