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CADAC F Series

CADAC F Series
CADAC F Series
CADAC F Series
CADAC F Series
CADAC F Series
CADAC F Series
CADAC F Series
CADAC F Series
CADAC F Series
CADAC F Series. Dual Mono I/O 2 Mic/line in, Insert send & return TRS & Direct out on XLR. Pre-Post sw for Direct Output
CADAC F Series. Mono Group & Stereo Matrix Module with Group Inject Socket
CADAC F Series. Aux Outputs + Communications plus Dual Mono Channel
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Sold to an American studio

Since Brexit EU customers will find they have to pay VAT on all imports from the UK, to help with this we have decided to reduce the prices of our Cadac J Series & F Series consoles by 20% until the 28th February 2021.

To clarify, if you are importing one of our Cadac F or J consoles into the EC you will still be asked to pay VAT however we will have reduced the price by 20% To offset the VAT. The price of this F Series has been reduced by 20% to £5,560.


The Cadac F Series is very similar to the J Series but physically smaller.

Like the J Series when fitted with Dual Mic inputs and a CCM it can be used like an In Line Console


It has the same high quality low noise Mic Amps and being transformerless has superior transient response

The same low noise 4 band parametric EQ, each band can individually be switched into or out of circuit

There are more Aux sends on the F Series, 16 aux buses.

The F Series can accommodate 12 Groups / Matrix modules however this console is fitted with 8.

The F Series is more compact because there is no fader bay, the faders are mounted on the input modules.


This console has 32 module slots and like the J Series the modules can be placed anywhere in the console to suit to user

There are 19 Dual Mono Input Modules, 2 mic/line inputs which are mixed together inside the module ( see below )

1 CCM Module.

2 x 8 way Aux master Modules, 16 aux buses

8 Group / Matrix Modules providing 8 Mono Group Outputs and 8 Stereo Matrix Outputs

1 Communications Module, talk to the Groups, Matrix Outputs or any of the 16 Aux buses

8 VCA Group master faders. Control any of of the faders of the console with these regardless of where they are routed.

All inputs and outputs are metered on the console.

All inputs and outputs including the groups, matrix and Aux Buses have separate insert send and return sockets.

Dimensions : 132 cm long x 84 cm deep x 24 cm high at the front to 36 cm high at the back.



The Dual Mono Modules are a great piece of engineering, each one is like a 2 into one mixer with a channel direct output plus routing to the groups, each input has its own On switch, 48v Phantom, and Pad switch ( Mic or line ), they can be used to combine inputs or used like an In Line module     


Dual Mono Module has 2 XLR inputs + inserts send & return TRS and Channel direct output XLR Plus a Pre or Post fader switch for the direct output

Group - Matrix Module. Group Inject XLR. Group insert Send & Return TRS Group Output XLR. Matrix A Send & Return TRS, Matrix A Output. Matrix B Send & Return TRS, Matrix B Output.

AUX, 16 aux outputs, on XLR plus Communications module has various connectors.

This console was originally designed as a very high quality theatre console which works very well with a DAW system but more difficult with an analogue multitrack recorder or Radar Digital.



Like all of our Cadacs this console will go through final test before shipping conducted by Mr Cadac himself, Anthony Waldron.