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CADAC E Series Console

CADAC E Series Library Pic. Main desk with 15 channel Sidecar
CADAC E Series Library Pic. Main desk with 15 channel Sidecar
CADAC E Series main desk
CADAC E Series 25 Module sidecar
CADAC E Series Routing - 24 Group outputs
CADAC E Series Channel EQ & Aux sends
CADAC E Series Channel faders with meters
CADAC E Series Aux masters & Oscillator
CADAC E Series main groups
CADAC E Series VCA Masters & Sub Groups
CADAC E Series 1 of 4 Communications section
CADAC E Series control panel
Sales price
SOLD 34 Inputs inc 15 channel sidecar, 24 groups & patchbay. Classic console with Lundahl transformers on all outputs


QUOTE by Thomas Vingtrinier, Studio Sequenza, Paris. : 

"If I had to describe further what the CADAC console is about for me, I would say it offers the perfect balance between an open / detailed sound and the analogue warmth and fullness of classic consoles from the 80’s. .   Studio Sequenza own 2 consoles, a Neve 8232 and a Cadac A Series.

QUOTE by Mateo, Dubrovnik, Croatia."10 years ago I worked on the big Cadac console and was amazed with headroom and colour"

This is our last E Series for a while, the full console comprises a 19 into 24 main frame plus a 15 channel side car plus a full GPO B Gauge patchbay, total 34 inputs. The E Series was designed as a very high quality theatre console however it is very well suited for working with a DAW system providing excellent sound source using the superior mic amps.

Many owners of 70’s & 80’s Cadac consoles would place them above Neve consoles of the same era, they are extremely well made and provide a high quality audio source for your DAW plus superb analogue summing. 


E Series is very similar to the A Series but with these additional Features  :

 1/. Extra Groups. The 34 channel desk has routing to 24 groups .

2/. Same Sub-Group - Main Group structure as the A series but the channels can also be routed directly to the Main Groups and well as the Sub Groups ( the A Series can only route to the Sub Groups )

3/. VCA Sub-grouping with 9 VCA masters, use of the VCA's is optional as the faders have bypass switches if you prefer not to use the VCA's

4/. 4 additional Mic Pre-Amps - mic pre's on all 19 input channels in ther main desk plus 15 Mic pre's in the sidecar.

5/. Sends to an Extra pair of control room monitors or foldback mixes, total 6 stereo sends.

6/ Pre - Post fader  switching on channel direct outputs.

7/. Inject into sub groups with on/off and level controls, these can be used to play monitor mixes from your DAW, or any other device, into the subgroups without using up any input channels. ( Extra cabling required for this facility )

8/. Additional aux sends, 1 – 5 Mono, aux  sends Aux 6 is also mono but with 2 outputs on separate faders - 6a & 6b outputs, aux’s 7&8 stereo pair with rotary pot on each output. Sub Groups 11& 12 can also serve as additional aux busses 

9/. Subs to main outputs on pots, not presets, much easier to use.