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Audient SPA 8024 without patchbay
Sales price
FACTORY REFURBISHED. sold to a client in the UK

We have sold 6 Used Audient consoles since the 1st December.

WE ONLY HAVE ONE LEFT, Factory reconditioned by Audient

Audient consoles are manufactured in a unique way which allows all of the electronic components to be replaced easily and quickly at a modest price, these consoles have been refurbished by Audient and are in an as new condition, Audient are the only consoles which can be refurbished in this manner, to do the same level of refurbishment on any other make of console would not be cost effective.   

A factory reconditioned Audient is virtually a new Audient, ALL of the electronic components and circuit boards and capacitors plus the switches and pots were replaced by Audient as was the power supply, the only original parts are the metal work, knobs, woodwork and patchbay if fitted, the woodwork is refinished so it looks like the current models.

 Final One Left.

The non patchbay console above is a 24 channel (56 inputs) ASP 8024 with 24 groups inc 8 mix groups and 14 Aux buses
Price £ 9,950 (plus vat UK Only)  Statistics  1470 mm ( 58 inches ) long and weighs 100 Kgs ( 220 pounds )

The console with patchbay is a 24 channel (56 inputs) ASP 8024 with 24 groups inc 8 mix groups and 14 Aux buses
Price £ 11,950 (plus vat UK Only) SOLD