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AUDIENT ASP 8024 Console
AUDIENT ASP 8024 Console
AUDIENT ASP 8024 Console
AUDIENT ASP 8024 Aux Sends
AUDIENT ASP 8024 Channel Faders
AUDIENT ASP 8024 Group Faders
AUDIENT ASP 8024 Part of Master Panel
AUDIENT ASP 8024 Lower Part of Master Panel
AUDIENT ASP 8024 Mic Pre-Amps
AUDIENT ASP 8024 Power Supply
AUDIENT ASP 8024 Serial Number
AUDIENT ASP 8024 D Sub Connectors
AUDIENT ASP 8024 Producer Panel
Audient 2
Sales price
36 Channels, 84 inputs plus Producers Panel £8,900 + vat SOLD

Sold to customer in Copenhagen


AUDIENT ASP 8024 36 channel (84 input) mixing console, it comes with 3 months parts guarantee. It is in exceptionally good condition with a Producers Desk, fully tested and passed OK, psu recapped 2 years ago. RESERVED

Facilities include :

36 mic/line inputs - Class-A mic pre-amps
36 Monitor inputs 
3 stereo effects returns 
TOTAL 84 inputs including 8 Group returns. 
24 Group outputs
24 channel direct outputs via insert sends
12 Aux buses 
Stereo Compressor on Mix Bus
Switchable Insert sends & insert returns on 48 inputs
2 Fold - back buses
4 band split-able parametric EQ , 

This console is chock full of features and in good condition. It has been regularly serviced and has been treated well as it was used in a University from new.

PRICE £ 8,900 plus vat. Dimensions are 238 cm x 103 cm deep x 102 cm high

The new HE model retails for £26,249 in the same configuration

Watch Pete Townshend on You Tube talking about his Audient ASP 8024