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API 1608

API 1608
API 1608
API 1608 EQ Modules
API 1608
API 1608
API 1608 on Optional stand
API 1608 Rear Panel
Alesha from Opium Rox on API 1608
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Listed on behalf of a client, SOLD



This is a very desirable  API 1608 mk 1   

Specifications :  14 x API 550A equalizer modules and   2 API 550B equalizer modules   

The moog delay 500 series unit is not included

It is fitted with a quiet fan

The console comes with an API psu and was built in 2013 

The console can be purchased with the API Equalizers or without the API Equalizers, you can discuss this with the owner.


The console can be viewed in a studio in North London, eMail don




Please contact for details