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AMEK BCII Recording Console

AMEK BC2 Mixer From the front
AMEK BC2 Mixer From the front
Mic pre's, EQ & Aux's
A view from the patchbay end
Sales price
SOLD 20 channel analogue recording console, this classy little console is now installed in a studio in Aberdeen.

AMEK BCII - cherished for the quality of their mic pre-amps,
floor standing console with integral GPO high quality 1/4” patchbay.
  • 12 Mono Mic/line inputs
  • 8 stereo line inputs
  • All with 3 band EQ, Hi switchable 6K & 12k, Mid sweep from 250 Hz  7kHz, Lo 80Hz & 160 Hz
  • 4 additional mic inputs in meter bridge pluggable on patchbay
  • 4 Aux sends,
  • 4 groups, stereo bus,
  • Penny & Giles 100 mm conductive plastic faders    
  • Stereo BBC Style PPM
  • M-S BBC Style PPM
  • BBC PPM on Ofl
Here is the General Product manual.